This class is 60 mins long and is very much scoped for all levels, whether you have desires to fight in the ring at national and international events, or simply to learn from scratch the great benefits boxing can have both within the club and outside, all ages and levels are welcome.

We start with a good warm up routine with exercises such as jogging, skipping and shadow boxing. We move on to the punch bags and pad work. This consists of making your way around all of the different bag stations and pads with Mark and Brad. There is sparring in these sessions both technical and More competitive for people training for a contest. There is no pressure to spar. The end circuit is a floor work routine which consists of press ups, sit ups, core conditioning and strength work.

  • It's great fun working along side others and people help each other get through whatever the exercise.
  • The class is great value for money
  • Very qualified and passionate coaches looking to help all levels.
  • structured well so all attendees get time working with the coaches individually.
  • It's socially a great group of people and it helps bring the community together

For those individuals looking to develop the sport further you can combine this class with a technical class which focuses on technique and refinement.

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Mark Houlden ( Coach)

Mark is a qualified Personal Trainer and an ABA boxing coach with 20 years of experience. He has been boxing since the age of 16 and has fought in the ABA championships and won the 2008 I.P.A title in malta as a semi pro boxer. At UltiFit, Mark runs most of the Adult boxing classes and some of the circuit training sessions. Mark offers one to one coaching sessions and personal training.

  • passion for what he does.
  • enjoys helping people to fitness success.
  • knowledgeable and highly experienced.