Children need regular exercise to promote growth and let off energy. Regular participation in sport is the foundation of life skills as they get older demonstrated through team work, discipline, respect and goal attainment.

This class is for 10-15 year olds. A structured class where we teach technique, respect and discipline. It's a fun session where the kids get fit whilst doing an interesting sport. There is no pressure to spar but it is available under strict supervision. There are gradings held frequently where they can receive a medal and certificate for the different levels they reach.

  • Teaches children a fit body develops a fit mind.
  • Helps with general confidence and posture.
  • A sport routine can help with learning in general at an early age.
  • Great to demonstrate discipline and respect.
  • Gradings to help keep the interest through progress

With a pay as you go payment scheme, bring the kids down to try out a well order and disciplined sport whose benefits are far more reaching than exercise and self defence.

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Mark Houlden ( Coach)

Mark is a qualified Personal Trainer and an ABA boxing coach with 20 years of experience. He has been boxing since the age of 16 and has fought in the ABA championships and won the 2008 I.P.A title in malta as a semi pro boxer. At UltiFit, Mark runs most of the Adult boxing classes and some of the circuit training sessions. Mark offers one to one coaching sessions and personal training.

  • passion for what he does.
  • enjoys helping people to fitness success.
  • knowledgeable and highly experienced.