It's easy to become complacent about an exercise routine. A busy lifestyle and lack of time can leave you finding it hard to get motivated.

That’s where Ultimate Fitness Personal Training can help. A personal trainer can lead you to dramatic changes in your fitness levels, health and ultimately, your overall well being. Our personal trainers focus on your individual needs and requirements. Workout routines and nutrition plans are tailored to you. Each of our trainers has their own area of expertise, and will structure your workouts to utilise the most effective exercises for your body type. This precise exercise prescription ensures your training brings you maximum benefits.

  • Prescribed programs tailored to your body type and needs.
  • Routines using both traditional and contemporary methods.
  • Flexible time slots to fit with your personal lifestyle.
  • Nutrition plans.
  • See effective and fast results.

Ultimate Fitness believe that the right training brings the right results. Please call or send us an email with any specifics you would like to discuss. Our goal is to get you as fit as you would like to be, using a tailored plan that works for your time and body type.

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Various Coaches

Our fully qualified Personal Trainers have both a general and their own areas of expertise to provide a complete and personalised Personal Training Program. Depending upon what you are trying to achieve from weight loss to Iron Man Fitness levels we can work out tailored prescriptions to suit your needs.

Alternatively you might prefer a personal coaching session which combines personal training and mixes in the benefits and fun of boxing exercises. Coaching sessions are available for individuals and buddy groups.

  • One to One Personalised Prescriptions.
  • Coaching for single or pairs of people.
  • Advice and experience available from nutriton to stamina training.