A slightly less physically demanding class, where all the skills are honed and refined from basic moves to advanced techniques. All levels are encouraged to attend to improve their technical ability.

Technical classes provide punch combinations, speed and agility drills. The class is for anyone looking to improve their boxing knowledge and skill level.

All the aspects of boxing are put together and used in various individual and partner combinations. This class is a recreational based class so that members can have fun while learning not only the boxing techniques and to build a cardio base, but also techniques for punching, footwork, defense and fitness.

The Benefits of the class include:

  • technique for correct placement
  • shadow boxing for speed
  • partner drills for coordination
  • hand pads
  • cardio workout
  • conditioning for stamina

The Technical class improves all round technicque teaching an increased self discipline, agility, speed, coordination, stamina, reflexes and strength.

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Mark Houlden ( Coach)

Mark is a qualified Personal Trainer and an ABA boxing coach with 20 years of experience. He has been boxing since the age of 16 and has fought in the ABA championships and won the 2008 I.P.A title in malta as a semi pro boxer. At UltiFit, Mark runs most of the Adult boxing classes and some of the circuit training sessions. Mark offers one to one coaching sessions and personal training.

  • passion for what he does.
  • enjoys helping people to fitness success.
  • knowledgeable and highly experienced.