Personal Trainer Surrey

Class and Personal Training Timetable

The current programme is available below. Many classes are busy but new members are always welcome. Please contact us before coming down so we can make sure you attend the correct class.

For class descriptions and details about the benefits and activites that go on please click on the 'TimeLine' tab below. Thanks we hope to see you soon.

Training Sessions

    Adult Boxing

    Coach: Mark Houlden

    Our most popular class, this is a great 90min all-round workout for people of all fitness levels to really push themselves. This class takes in everything from circuit training, shadow boxing and skipping to bag work, pad work and (optional) sparring.

    This class is 60 mins long and is very much scoped for all levels, whether you have desires to fight in the ring at national and international events, or simply to learn from scratch the great benefits boxing can have both within the club and outside, all ages and levels are welcome.

    We start with a good warm up routine with exercises such as jogging, skipping and shadow boxing. We move on to the punch bags and pad work. This consists of making your way around all of the different bag stations and pads with mark and James. There is sparring in these sessions both technical and More competitive for people training for a contest. There is no pressure to spar. The end circuit is a floor work routine which consists of press ups, sit ups, core conditioning and strength work.

    • It's great fun working along side others and people help each other get through whatever the exercise.
    • The class is great value for money
    • Very qualified and passionate coaches looking to help all levels.
    • structured well so all attendees get time working with the coaches individually.
    • It's socially a great group of people and it helps bring the community together

    Personal Training

    Coach: Various

    A personal trainer can lead you to dramatic changes in your fitness levels, health and ultimately, your overall well being. Our personal trainers focus on your individual needs and requirements. Workout routines and nutrition plans are tailored to you.

    It's easy to become complacent about an exercise routine. A busy lifestyle and lack of time can leave you finding it hard to get motivated.

    That’s where Ultimate Fitness Personal Training can help. A personal trainer can lead you to dramatic changes in your fitness levels, health and ultimately, your overall well being. Our personal trainers focus on your individual needs and requirements. Workout routines and nutrition plans are tailored to you. Each of our trainers has their own area of expertise, and will structure your workouts to utilise the most effective exercises for your body type. This precise exercise prescription ensures your training brings you maximum benefits.

    • Prescribed programs tailored to your body type and needs.
    • Routines using both traditional and contemporary methods.
    • Flexible time slots to fit with your personal lifestyle.
    • Nutrition plans.
    • See effective and fast results.

    Ultimate Fitness Circuits

    Coach: Mark Houlden

    This is a very demanding training session, not for the faint hearted! A tough combination of X-Fit, boot camp and boxing training all rolled into one. Circuit stations include tractor tyres, Olympic rings and many more types of fun and challenging apparatus. Try it out if you dare!

    If you thought you had been circuit training before, then come and experience the Ultimate Circuits available at the club.

    This is for aimed at members who are already in good shape. A cross between x fit, boot camp and boxing training this is the hardest circuit on offer. All the stations are different from punch bags, chin ups, press ups, sprints, ploy metric work (tuck jumps, burpees). The circuits have been engineered over time and using the coaches experience to take fitness to the next level

    • This routine gives you excellent condition and recovery rates.
    • Military grade fitness development.
    • Tough, with accelerated results in your own fitness.
    • Original and different exercises in a fun competitive environment

    Technical Class

    Coach: Mark Houlden

    A slightly less physically demanding class, where all the skills are honed and refined from basic moves to advanced techniques. All levels are encouraged to attend to improve their technical ability.

    Technical classes provide punch combinations, speed and agility drills. The class is for anyone looking to improve their boxing knowledge and skill level.

    All the aspects of boxing are put together and used in various individual and partner combinations. This class is a recreational based class so that members can have fun while learning not only the boxing techniques and to build a cardio base, but also techniques for punching, footwork, defense and fitness.

    The Benefits of the class include:

    • technique for correct placement
    • shadow boxing for speed
    • partner drills for coordination
    • hand pads
    • cardio workout
    • conditioning for stamina

    Ladies Boxercise

    Coach: Mark Houlden

    A ladies only class, providing a fun way to learn the techniques of boxing alongside a hard circuit which includes bag work, pad work and floor based exercises which concentrate on the core muscles. Overall the best weight loss and body toning class out there no matter what your current level of fitness may be! You will be pushed to your limits in a safe and friendly environment.

    Many people think that boxing is all about the arms but it is actually a cardio work-out for the whole body. It's especially good for toning your bottom and quadricep muscles, which is perfect for women as part of an overall fitness and toning programme.

    Boxing is largely about technique, once you pick up the moves you can generally increase the work rates. If you're not particularly fit then that's not a huge problem. Boxing is actually easier for a lot of people than running

    The Benefits you will see from Boxercise include:

    • increased agility and coordination
    • muscle tone and greater fitness.
    • Weight loss
    • increased confidence

    Junior Boxing

    Coach: Mark Houlden

    Designed for children between the ages of 10-13 years, this class is focused around discipline and fitness whilst learning how to box. A great way to either develop a budding interest or support an existing passion for boxing, the class can be used as a springboard for those who wish to take it all the way - even up to competition level if desired.

    Children need regular exercise to promote growth and let off energy. Regular participation in sport is the foundation of life skills as they get older demonstrated through team work, discipline, respect and goal attainment.

    This class is for 10-13 year olds. A structured class where we teach technique, respect and discipline. It's a fun session where the kids get fit whilst doing an interesting sport. There is no pressure to spar but it is available under strict supervision. There are gradings held frequently where they can receive a medal and certificate for the different levels they reach.

    • Teaches children a fit body develops a fit mind.
    • Helps with general confidence and posture.
    • A sport routine can help with learning in general at an early age.
    • Great to demonstrate discipline and respect.
    • Gradings to help keep the interest through progress


7am-5pm Personal training
6pm-7pm Women's boxercise
7pm-8pm Adult boxing (all levels)
8pm-9pm Keep fit boxing & circuit training (starts September)


7am-5pm Personal Training
5pm-6pm junior boxing
6pm-7pm Personal training
7pm-8pm adult boxing (all levels)


7am-6pm Personal training
6pm-7pm Women's boxercise
7pm-8pm Adult boxing (all levels)
8pm-9pm Keep fit boxing & circuit training (starts September)


7am- 5pm Personal Training
5pm-6pm junior boxing (starts September)
6pm-7pm Personal training
7pm-8pm adult boxing (all levels)


7am-7pm Personal training


7am-4pm Personal training
9am-10am Boot camp men and women
11am-12am juniors boxing


9am-4pm Personal training