Ultimate Boxing Fitness Team

Mark Houlden

Head Coach & Founder

Mark is a qualified Personal Trainer and an ABA boxing coach with 20 years of experience. He has been boxing since the age of 16 and has fought in the ABA championships and won the 2008 I.P.A title in malta as a semi pro boxer. At UltiFit, Mark runs most of the Adult boxing classes and some of the circuit training sessions. Mark offers one to one coaching sessions and personal training.

  • passion for what he does.
  • enjoys helping people to fitness success.
  • knowledgeable and highly experienced.

Mark Barrett

Team Strength & Conditioning Coach

I'm a qualified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, kettle bell training and Krav maga instructor. My programs are designed in a very personalised manner to fit both your the clients lifestyle and goals they wish to achieve. A holistic approach to Personal Trainer brings in both exercise, rest periods and nutrition regardless of what levels of fitness you are seeking.

  • Tailored prescriptions for all levels of fitness.
  • Body type programs to match goals.
  • I am a young and contemporary personal trainer who is passionate about all forms of fitness.

Michael Newell


Michael is a keen boxing enthusiast and via his investment firm InvestYourWay bought a stake in UltiFit in 2009 to help the business achieve the dream of having its own premises and becoming a full time operation. Since this time the business has gone from strength to strength and Michael maintains an active involvement in the day-to-day running of the company.

  • focus is on planning for future growth.
  • hands on envolvement.
  • experienced investor.